Monday, June 13, 2011

755. Best Letter Ever

On May 26th, I talked to high-schoolers. This is some of the feedback I got.


Dear Mr. Dario,

My name is "John Doe" and I'm an alcoholic. Psych, I'm kidding. I was forced to type you a thank you letter by my mean English teacher. Not that I didn't want to because you were funny and informing. By the way, my English teacher picks on me.

You presenting was very informing because you're very inspiring plus I like your beard. And also, my teacher is mean and she beats up on me and makes me cry -- this is all mentally, never physically. Also, you should add me on X-Box live if you play Call of Duty. My name is ... and I'm going into the big leagues.

P.S. You got balls, my friend, for going into the Marines :-)

Love your random audience member,

"John Doe"


  1. Ha! What a hilarious letter by a real smart ass, and I say that in the best sense of the phrase. This must've cracked you up. That's awesome that you got to speak to an English class. Cheers, bro!